Friday, July 18, 2008

Ways to Save Money When Feeding Feral Cats

With rising prices, it is becoming more difficult for colony caretakers to feed feral cats, so the group All For Animals Rescue posted this helpful recipe on their blog. According to them, based on feeding 10 cats, this concoction saves anything from $20-$40 per month.

4 small cans of cheap food, such as Friskies, about 50¢ a can
3 cups of cheap dry food $2-4 a 3lb bag
2 packs of chicken hearts and giblets about $1.50
6 eggs
pack of salad macaroni
small pack of barley
1lb ground beef (cheap one)
1lb sardines

Boil the eggs, hearts, giblets, fish, meat, macaroni, and barley until cooked. Add just enough water to cook the items (cook the barley on its own). Once cooked, put the mix in a food processor and grind it down to a course mix, add the cans of cat food mix it together.

Bag up the mix, enough for a day in each bag and freeze; about 2/3 of a cup per day per cat.

When feeding, thaw out the mix and just before serving add about 1/2 a cup of the dry food. I also add some omega 3 oils (2 tablespoons), and you can also add table scraps as long as there is no onion or garlic (everything from left over pizza to the fat from meat cuts, potatoes etc).You can also mix in a small amount of dog kibble. Mixing this amount should last a week to 15 days, maybe more.

Here are some other tips: you can ask a local store to sell you out-of-date meats (they can’t sell) to you for a reduced price, try to find a raw feeders co-op in your area (if you buy in bulk, you will save money), put an ad on craig’s list for pet food coupons, ask if anyone has food their animals won’t eat and tell them you will take it, consider asking your neighbors if they would like to help by donating bags/cans of food, coupons etc., ask local pet stores for samples of foods, and check the pet food makers’ websites for free samples/coupons and get family and friends to send for them to help you.

Here are a few websites that offer free samples and special deals:

Thank you to All 4_4 Paws for such great information and the wonderful work that you do! Please visit All For Animals Rescue blog at and their website at

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