Thursday, July 10, 2008

ACR Members Disapprove of China’s Animal Cruelty in Preparation for the Olympics: Over 12,000 Petitions Collected

Alley Cat Rescue wants to thank everyone who signed and submitted the petitions to stop the animal cruelty in Beijing, China in preparation for the Olympic Games. Together, we gathered over 12,000 petitions, urging Chinese authorities and the Olympic Committee to stop the killing. That’s remarkable!

As we speak, 6,000 petitions are traveling to Switzerland to the International Olympic Committee and in the next day or two, 6,000 petitions will arrive on Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong’s desk here in Washington, DC.

Of course, China is not the first country to “clean up” by removing cats for the Olympics; Greece did it and so is England. But if we keep pressure on the International Olympic Committee and the participating countries to stop this cruelty, in the end, the animals will win!

Again, thank you to all who showed your support for this campaign and for supporting the efforts of Alley Cat Rescue!!

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