Thursday, May 08, 2008

Look Great While Supporting ACR!

Saint Francis Fashions
Cruelty Free Fashion with a Conscience
Saint Francis Fashions is proud to present the Cruelty Free Africa Collection.

Because of Popular Demand we are adding a 2" Wedge in our Pump Design, a 2" Wedge in our Sandal Design, and an Adorable Ankle Boot in a 2" Heel and a 3" Heel!

Each line includes 11 components, A Big Bag for carrying things back and fourth to the office or travel, a Clutch Bag for zipping out to lunch or a dressy dinner, a Sexy Sandal, a Sassy Pump, a Beautiful Boot, a Cute and Comfy Flat, and a Belt to tie it all together. Plus our latest additions, the 2" Wedge in the Pump and Sandal Style, and an Adorable Ankle Boot in a 2" and 3" Heel. You will always be ready for a change of weather, a change of season, or a change of scenery.

The Shoes were designed with Style and Comfort in mind. The heels are not more than 3" high, which is provocative, but wearable. The Pump, Boot and Flat have uniformly rounded toes, which give a young look, and prevent cramping. The Sandal toe opening is big enough to show your manicured toes, but small enough to keep your foot from sliding forward, and wide enough to give support and keep from pinching. All soles are rubber, so they are comfortable and quiet to walk in, and you never have to worry about slipping.

But best of all, no Animals were harmed in making these Accessories, and with every purchase you are donating to an Animal Welfare Organization, like Alley Cat Rescue, and helping Animals in need.

Saint Francis Thanks You, And The Animals Thank You!

We are ready to take Pre-Orders! By ordering now, Saint Francis will pay for shipping. Please go to our Online Store to place your order. If you don't see your item, go to the search tool on the sidebar.

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