Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Cat Lady of Baghdad

Thanks to the Associated Press and, we are brought the story of a one-woman army to rescue stray cats and dogs living in Baghdad. Louise, a former soldier and now security consultant, has been working to rescue cats and dogs from the war-torn areas of Iraq for the last few years. “Completing piles of paperwork, calling countless officials and, on one occasion, bursting into tears at the airport have all been required to get animals out of the war zone.”

Since rescuing her first cat, Simba, three years ago, Louise has managed to send four more cats and two dogs back to her native England. The costs (up to $3,500 an animal) are covered by donations and her "old stuff" sold on eBay. Any animal imported into Britain must go through a six-month quarantine.

It is impossible to gauge how many dogs, cats, and other animals have been rescued the past five years by soldiers and foreigners. The London-based Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad says there are no established groups actively working in Iraq to rescue small animals.

Thousands of stray cats and dogs in Baghdad's Green Zone and on U.S. military installations have been trapped and euthanized under a U.S.-funded program. Strays can spread rabies and other diseases that could be transmitted to soldiers, said Lt. Col. Raymond F. Dunton, chief of preventive medicine for the military in Iraq.

Last year, nearly 7,100 animals were caught in humane traps, Dunton said. Of those, about 5,300 were euthanized.

To find out more information please visit:
Baghdad Cat Rescue:
Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad:


Roberta said...

Methinks we can never have enough cat ladies around ...

Pat said...

War on Wilkinson
These cretins abuse the feral cats. About their own actions that make the problem worse, they're clueless. Every frustration in their life, they take out on the cats, and teach their kids to do the same. Then they put up an intrusive camera, and really antagonize the neighborhood. And…. if you haven't done your fair share of City Hall-bashing yet today, this story supplies all your stupid-government-hating needs.

Anonymous said...

Im a contractor working near Striker and theres nothing humane to vector control. they chase down the cats and twist their heads to kill them, especially the kittens. It happened on our small camp within the last few months, right now im trying to find a way to get a kitten out of here, Im leaving in a month. I dont want money, I want to get this kitten out of here.