Friday, February 15, 2008

Anna’s Law in Illinois

Anna’s Law has established and implemented an Illinois Public Health and Safety Animal Population Control Program. This program collects funds solely to subsidize the spaying, neutering, and vaccinating of ferals and the pets of low-income residents. Funds are generated from public safety fines collected under the Animal Control Act, Pet Friendly license plate fees, the Illinois Income Tax Act, and from voluntary contributions.

Anna’s Law was passed with the intent to get more communities to address the growing cat population problem through proactive means. The law was also passed to protect the public, save taxpayers money, and reduce the killing at animal shelters.

This law is one of a kind but hopefully not for long. We should use this law and Illinois’ proactive attitude to set precedent and ensure our city and government officials take steps to help the pet population.

To view Anna’s Law:

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