Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cries and Whiskers Receives Rave Reviews!

Available now, Cries and Whiskers, by Clea Simon, receives rave reviews!

--“Simon has written a fast-moving story full of lively characters, both two- and four-legged. This series is highly recommended for mystery fans who love cats but who prefer to leave the crime-solving to humans.” —

--“Definitely a great read for cat lovers.” —
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When an animal rights activist is killed by a hit-and-run driver on an icy Cambridge street, music critic Theda Krakow can’t get too upset. The victim cared more for wild animals than for people, and had no use at all for domesticated pets, such as the black-and-white cat Musetta that Theda adores. Besides, Theda is caught up in investigating the rise of a dangerous new designer drug that threatens the musicians and fans who make up the club scene she considers her second home. But when the feline-friendly writer learns that the accident victim was defying her own radical group to rescue feral cats on the eve of a ferocious winter storm, she puts her own prejudices aside to help out. As Theda and her buddy, the punk-rock shelter owner Violet, race to save these half-wild felines from the freezing New England winter, they uncover simmering tensions that make the activist’s death seem more than an accident. Could a friend have been the fatal driver? Is Violet more involved with the extremist group than she’s let on? Even while kittens are at risk and the new drug hits close to home, Theda tries to hang onto her journalistic objectivity. But when the threats become more personal and Musetta goes missing, Theda risks her reputation, her career, and possibly her life as the word “deadline” takes on a whole new meaning.

Alley Cat Rescue has received a review copy of the book and will be diving in soon! Keep an eye out for our comments in our newsletter and blog. You may also visit Clea’s website www.cleasimon.com for the prologue of the book.

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Clea Simon said...

Hi folks - thank you for the shout out. I hope you like the book!

I thought I'd comment here that the ACR folks have guestblogged on my own "cats & crime & rock & roll" blog. We've had a lively discussion going about feral cats as an "invasive species," and I've just posted the ACR response! That's at http://cleasimon.blogspot.com

(That said, yes, if you'd like to sample my cat mysteries, please go to my home site at http://www.cleasimon.com )