Friday, October 26, 2007


Port Authority Seeks Extermination of Feral Cats at Airport

(New York, NY) According to Port Authority officials, the most pressing
threat to aviation security at JFK Airport is no longer terrorism, but
feral cats! Contracts have been ordered to immediately round up and
exterminate scores of felines residing on the 5000 acres of one of the
nation's busiest airports. Even cats sterilized, vaccinated for rabies
and cared for by volunteers according to the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)
method are under attack.

"The Port Authority's claim that feeding these cats is attracting large
numbers of birds who, in turn, could bring down a jet is beyond absurd,"
according to Bryan Kortis, Executive Director of Neighborhood Cats, a
leading cat advocacy group. "There isn't any food left the birds and,
besides, cats have been at JFK for decades. Now all of a sudden when
concerned groups want to neuter and care for these cats, they're a
security threat. The public needs to let Port Authority know loud and
clear we're not as stupid as they think and won't buy their concocted
justification for needlessly killing these animals."

Feral cats are the descendants of lost or abandoned cats and, at JFK,
originate from cats lost or abandoned by travelers. Attempts to
eradicate them have historically failed. By contrast, TNR has repeatedly
been used to nonlethally lower cat numbers and eliminate sanitary and
nuisance concerns. TNR involves neutering the cats, vaccinating them
for rabies, returning them to their territory, then monitoring and caring
for them. Over time, attrition lowers their populations.

Call, fax and email Port Authority officials and protest the extermination
effort. Urge them to meet with NYC Feral Cat Initiative representatives
and come up with an intelligent plan to TNR and manage the JFK cats.
The NYC Feral Cat Initiative is a program of the Mayor's Alliance for
NYC's Animals.

Susan Baer, General Manager, JFK Airport

Laura Francoeur, Aeronautical Services,
Airport Operations Division
Phone: 718-244-3773
Fax: 718-244-3777

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