Friday, October 05, 2007

Barn Homes Needed!

Alley Cat Rescue is offering an opportunity for farmers to obtain “mouse patrollers” and for feral (undomesticated) cats to have a second chance at life.

The idea is simple. Each cat has been spayed or neutered and received all vaccinations necessary to live a healthy life. Individuals who participate agree to confine the cats to an area of the barn for at least the first two weeks, thus increasing the likelihood that the cats will consider this their new “home” and stay put. After that, all the cats need is a safe shelter from weather and regular food and water. The reward for the barn owner — superior and dependable rodent control!

What is a “feral” cat? A cat that was born outside and has never lived with humans, or one that was a house cat, has become lost, and has gone without human contact long enough to become unsocialized to humans. It is a cat that reverts back to living on instincts. Feral simply means “wild” or “untamed.”

Even no-kill shelters, like ACR, are unable to place feral cats in homes. They will never be a family pet or companion animal to people. These beautiful cats (which number in the thousands in PG County alone), deserve to spend their days living the best life we humans can provide for them and it doesn’t take much.

These cats are ready for a place to call “home” and will gladly work hard for their room and board. They are truly experts in their field, making it clear to all mice that they are not welcome. So, if you’re tired of the “rat race” and would like to adopt one or several barn cats (neutered and vaccinated), please call Alley Cat Rescue at 301-277-5595 or email for more details. If you’re unable to adopt at the moment, you can still help by providing a monetary contribution or by donating much-needed items like food, blankets, newspaper, litter, and cat toys. Every little bit helps. Thank you! You’re participation and support is greatly appreciated!

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