Tuesday, October 09, 2007

All But One of Michael Vick’s Dogs Granted Clemency

A team of behavioral experts assembled by the ASPCA filed a motion in Federal Court on Tuesday saying that only one of the remaining 49 pit bulls seized from Michael Vick should be euthanized. The motion requests that the court appoint a guardian to oversee the disposition and possible placement of the 48 remaining dogs. The judge hearing the case, Henry Hudson can either grant the motion or deny it. The behavioral experts provided several possible suggestions for the dogs: re-home them into appropriate foster homes for further observation/evaluation, rehabilitation as law enforcement dogs, or place them in sanctuaries. These dogs were judged by some in the humane community to be beyond redemption, but the facts assessed by the evaluators proved otherwise. The stereotyping of pit bulls must come to an end and perhaps this outcome will be a first step.

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